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Clean Kitchens and Healthy Restaurants

The saying goes that the secret to a clean kitchen is don’t cook.  For a hospitality business, this is not a recipe for success.  For those in need of restaurant insurance, a clean kitchen is critical.

Back in 2007, Gordon Ramsey started filming Kitchen Nightmares.  For 7 years, he showed what the back of the house really looks like in the restaurants that we eat in.  John Taffer filmed similar cases in bars for Bar Rescue from 2011 to present.  Aside from screaming at owners and managers, what is present in every episode is the glaring lack of basic health practices.  While the show was entertaining enough to be on air for so long. It can be scary to think that the public is being served food and drinks that are prepared in dirty conditions.

For those of us who have watched these shows, you would not want to be at one of these establishments when the camera crew first shows up.  While the likelihood of that happening is rare, we do take our chances every time we go out for a meal or a drink.  Hopefully, now that will be happening even more often.  So, before you venture out to try some place new or go back to an old favorite, check out the Health Department reports.  It can be a real eye opener. In fairness, these reports may list items that were quickly resolved.  But rather than just reading Yelp reviews, doesn’t it make sense to consider how clean the business is before they serve you?

Cuyahoga County Board of Health (

For those who are in the industry, first be sure that one member of your staff has been certified level 2 food safety.

ServSafe-2022-Application-11-24-21.pdf (

If you are looking to open a business, be sure that you have obtained your required license and permits.

Cuyahoga Board of Health: Opening a Food Business

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