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Smart Roads

The intersection between Technology and Legislation is one that always piques my interest. Thankfully Insurance Journal shares this interest and recorded this podcast on the topic.

Smart Roads are the counterpart to autonomous vehicles. The Insurance Journal Podcast here paints a rosy picture of how roadway technology will allow vehicles to operate in tighter spaces. But consider the more practical scenario as technological advancements occur. Individuals will adopt technology at their own pace. It is not realistic to assume that a roadway will become more narrow and for use only by autonomous vehicles, making old fashioned cars second class citizens who must travel on other roadways. It reminds me of the joke that the UK was going to begin driving on the right. Phase 1 was the trucks and phase 2 would be everyone else.

The guest in this podcast, Hilary Rowen from Sedgwick LLP outlines a number of other implementation issues that will need to be ironed out. From the insurance perspective a lynchpin seems to be how to transfer risk for software updates. If Windows fails to operate correctly because your updates did not load properly, you may not be able to save a document. The apparent risk of a failed update on an autonomous car would be much more severe. It will be interesting to see over the decades to come if our cars begin to have the longevity of our computers and what to do with those classic cars.

Check out the video and we will keep an eye on how this develops.


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