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Auto Insurance? But I don't have a car!

By December 9, 2016Auto Insurance

Almost a century ago, the political image of prosperity was a “chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”. Today some are more likely to have a chicken in their backyard, use their garage for a man cave and ride a bike or take the bus. For the sake of this article, let’s focus on the auto insurance aspect when the licensed driver borrow someone else’s car for that rare drive.

Does insurance follow the driver or the car?

This is not quite the mystery of the insurance Sphinx but does have a couple of complexities which get trickier with a driver who does not have regular access to a car. This article from Claim Journal lays out the specifics. The summary is that the driver is responsible for liability claims and the owner is responsible for physical damage. Advice for the owner of the car is to chose wisely when someone asks to drive your car.

What insurance do I need if I don’t own a car?

For those who do not own a car but have a valid driver’s license, the policy which should be in force is a non-owner policy. This policy will provide liability only. It will eliminate the need to purchase liability insurance if you are renting a car and make you legal if you are driving someone else’s car.

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